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Hotel Simplon **** - hotel bellaria igea marina
Hotel Simplon **** - hotel bellaria igea marina


Bellaria. The name Bellaria appeared for the first time in a document dated 1359 referring to a fortified farm which was located near the church of Santa Margherita, which had passed through several hands, the Malatestas being one of these owners. Today reclaimed by the land and by the undergrowth of the Uso, it is only recognisable by the name that people call this area: E Castèl (the castle).

Igea Marina. Igea, daughter of Asclepio, god of medicine, is the name that Vittorio Belli, at the beginning of the 1900s, gave to a village planned by him on the sandy dunes between the Uso and the Torre Pedriera. Vittorio Belli (1870-1953) from Rimini, a doctor, descendant of a family of agricultural and trade entrepreneurs, had the idea of a holiday-village set in an ideal position, immersed in the middle of a pinewood which he himself had created by planting thousands of pine-trees.

BellariaA town surrounded by greenery.See and nature. The tree-lined avenues, the parks and the spacious green areas just a short distance from the sea make Bellaria Igea Marina the ideal place for a pleasant and beautiful break. The wide shady avenues with their numerous shops are perfect for both daytime and night time strolls around the town, or alternatively is the 25 hectare Gelso Park in the heart of the town centre, where tall trees such as pines and durmasts grow in amongst thickets in colourful and scented harmony.
Bellaria Igea Marina is situated on the north part of the Province of Rimini and is one of the most famous seaside resorts of the Adriatic Coast. Synonym of health and well-being, ancient fishing village, situated in a wonderful position between the sea and the hills of the Romagna region, Bellaria Igea Marina has an enviable touristic tradition dating back to the last century. The past revives with the Torre Saracena (Saracen Tower, housing today interesting museums), symbol of the town and ancient bulwark against the raids of the Saracen pirates and with the harbour, a living symbol od the devotion and the hard work of the fishermen. The past and the present meet today on the safe and good equipped beaches, on the smart pedestrian area of the town centre (ideal island for every tourist), in the parks and sport centres, in the events and celebrations organized every year during the summer season.

BellariaIts splendid position, not far from many interesting and historical towns of the hinterland, the hospitality and friendliness of its inhabitants make Bellaria Igea Marina the ideal holiday town for all the tourists who love tradition, good and typical cuisine and fun but also for them who are looking for new and original ways to spend their holiday.

Bellaria Igea Marina offers to its guests little and confortable family owned hotels, a good equipped beach, fun and entertainment but its touristic offer is even richer. The attention for the big green areas in the town, the love for historical buildings and the beautiful pedestrian areas (the plane-tree island, the pedestrian areas in Igea Marina, viale Panzini) are the last steps for the touristic and ecological development of the town.

The "Isola dei Platani" (plane-tree island) in Bellaria and the pedestrian areas of Via Ennio and Via Ovidio in Igea Marina invite the guests to relaxing walks in the town centre. The centre is smart and very well equipped, a right green oasis with coloured and scented flowers and old trees together with the beautiful and inviting shop windows.

BellariaA lively town. Both in summer and winter, the town of Bellaria Igea Marina can be likened to an open-air "drawing room" in the true sense of the word. Viale Paolo Guidi, which is pedestrianized from Piazza Matteotti down to the train station, is now known as the "Isola dei Platani" (plane tree island), a green oasis in the town centre. This long road, edged by age-old trees and gardens, is brimming with boutiques and handicraft and book shops as well as cafés providing a good excuse for a break. Another "historic" island is that of Viale Ennio, the main street of Igea Marina, which leads, by means of the railway underpass, directly to the town park. Igea ia also home to the elegantly restored Via Ovidio, whilst at Bellaria, there is Viale Panzini and Via Italia, the palm-lined road of the Cagnona which leads down to the sea, in addition to the Cristoforo Colombo seafront, an attractive walkway set between the trees and the beach itself.

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